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Roger Knight27 Mar - 15:58
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The Welsh Blood Service urgently need more people to sign up as blood donors to help patients across Wales.

At present only 3% of the eligible population donate blood and we need 350 donations a day to supply health boards in Wales. Each donation will save three lives or six premature babies. It’s such a wonderful way to support your community and help save lives all over Wales. We supply 19 hospitals in Wales and last month in December, we supplied Swansea Bay health board 912 units of blood. By donating or sharing the word, you are helping us maintain that supply to your local health board and we can’t thank you enough. Its such an easy thing to share a message but has the biggest impact for patients who need these donations to save their lives.
It would be great if you can support us by checking your eligibility and booking an appointment to start your life saving journey.
One donation will potentially save the lives of three patients or six babies.
Click the link to book:
Don’t know your blood type? No problem, they will do that bit for you when you donate.
Mae Gwasanaeth Gwaed Cymru angen i fwy o bobl gofrestru fel rhoddwyr gwaed i helpu cleifion ar draws Cymru.
❤ Allwch chi ein helpu ni i gyflawni hyn?
Buasai’n wych petasech chi’n gallu ein cefnogi ni drwy wirio eich cymhwysedd a gwneud apwyntiad i ddechrau ar eich taith achub bywyd.
Bydd un rhodd o bosib yn achub bywydau tri chlaf neu chwech o fabanod.
Cliciwch ar y ddolen i wneud apwyntiad
Ddim yn gwybod beth yw eich teip gwaed? Dim problem, bydd staff yn y clinig yn gallu dweud wrthych chi beth yw eich teip pan fyddwch chi’n rhoi gwaed.

Saturday 30th March Swansea VIllage Hotel (48)
Tuesday 2nd April (60)
Tursday 11th April Asda Gorseinon (43)
Friday 12th April St Hilary's Church Hall Killay (70)
Monday 22nd April Swansea University Bay Campus (63
Tuesday 23rd April Swansea Village Hotel (106)
Friday 26th April (86)
Wednesday 1st May Tesco Extra Forestfach (103)
Friday 3rd May St Hilary's Church Hall, Killay (108)
Tuesday 7th May Gorseinin Institute,Lime Street (114)

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